Visual Expressions

Visual Expressions

Visual expressions usually refer to productive material and methods like images, drawings, and photographs as well as a variety of digitized stuff like tomography and scanning things. Here our purpose is to understand the role of visual expressions in dealing with vision boards. Our mind thinks in form of images. We have a certain image of every scenario. And then our mind plays the whole series of images once we start thinking.  And someone once told me that the most difficult task is to verbalize your feeling. It hurts our mind when we give words to our worst feelings so the mind keeps visualizing the uncertain things that are not going to happen. It’s a trick of the mind to stay in your comfort zone. Your subconscious mind cannot figure out the difference between imagination and real-life events. So when you keep imagining certain things, your subconscious mind will start accepting them, and BOOM!  You have understood that your mind will help you in visualizing things so you can consume this ability for your personal growth. Help yourself in visualizing creativity and productivity. Visualize yourself as a person you want to be and this will help you in acquiring the sense of establishment.

Make a Vision Board

Make a vision board of your thoughts because this is a great way for mental representation. . By making a visual board, you are mapping your future visually. You are soaking up the visual world all around you and this process needs some time. This is the central point where people struggle a lot and they end up giving up because they feel it is not helping. This process needs dedication and time. Stick with it and show some patience. Preferably before starting this practice, you should have a clear goal in your mind for which you are an enthusiast. The goal should excite you because when your mind feels happiness over thought, it keeps thinking about it. So when you will grab a goal that makes you happy, it will become a bit easy for you to visualize.

Make sense of your visualization as it was for real. Don’t just create simple images but also involve your all senses in this situation. Feel it again and again. See the intensive change in your heartbeat and count your excitement level. And make sure in your visual expression, you are not a third person so be engaged. If you are not participating then your imaginations will turn into a movie or a dream. So free yourself from distractions, close your eyes and start visualizing every detail of your goal. Ask questions to yourself that how you are going to achieve it. This technique is helpful when you consider your success in life. Use all that energy to create your vision board.

Create Your Virtual Vision Board!!! 

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