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5 Reasons to Make a Vision Board in 2021

2021 is a good year to start a vision board. 2020 was a rough year and most of us had to make major changes in our lives. Creating a vision board is a great tool to visualize where and what we want to manifest for ourselves in 2021.

Now let’s get right to the reasons to create a vision board:

Reason #1:

Visualization is a powerful mental exercise that invites you to open your minds to possibilities. When you see the things you want to be, can do or can do, you allow yourself to believe that they can be, and they will be.

Reason #2:

A vision board allows you to use the power of your emotions. Everything on your vision board creates strong emotions inside you. Emotions are a powerful tool to help you act.

Reason #3:

A Vision Board will also help you identify goals that are not yours. We often get caught up in other dreams and think that these are our dreams. For example, when I was a teenager, I wanted to expand the Apocalyptic Road (AT). Earl now wants to join the Appalachian Trail. Do you really want to extend the tour or do I want to extend it?

If you create a vision board and put an AT Roadmap on your board, your emotions get caught up in looking at your vision board whether it is your vision or not. If you turn your eyes to the map, it indicates disorder. If you do not deal with your emotions, it is a sign of trouble. If you put something on your vision board that doesn’t evoke strong emotions, decide whether it’s your own dream or someone else’s.

It’s okay to be brave and fulfill the things in life that are the desires of the people we love. But we do not have to claim that they are our dreams and aspirations.

Reason #4:

A vision board serves as a daily reminder of your dreams. Everyday life diverts our attention from less urgent needs. It’s easy to forget that you want to do something or travel somewhere great or do something beautiful. A vision board will put your dreams in front and in the middle, so when you have the time or resources to implement them, you will make them happen. When you talk to people about things you like, you don’t have to strain your brain to try to think of something. You will have a small board of ideas to choose from!

Reason #5:

A vision board invites the universe to your desires. The law of emotions is a concept that suggests that our thoughts determine our experiences and outcomes. Our thoughts and emotions are the energy we send into the world. This is what happens if we send ideas of happiness, abundance and success. If our energy companies are full of negativity, suspicion or fear, it will be obvious to us.

Creating a vision board, in which you focus your thoughts and emotions in a positive way, will invite the universe to reflect the emotions and desires that will return to you. This is the old “what you give” philosophy.

To sum it up, vision boards are a fun and creative outlet that will help you stay focused on the things you want most in life.

They remind you, every day that you are worth all of the best things that life can offer you.

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