Virtual Vision Boards

With a vision board, your dreams and visions transit from mental images to visual expressions. A vision board allows you create a collage of images and words to remind, inspire, and motivate you to attain your goals and achieve success.

  • Reinforce your confidence: Your vision board can include words — expressions, one-liners, quotes — which you (re)affirm consistently to remind you of your intentions and reinforce your confidence.

  • Gain clarity: With a vision board, you create a landscape to view your aspirations with clarity. This clear vision makes you ask vital questions like: Where was I yesterday? Where am I today? Where do I want to be tomorrow? How do I get there?

  • Form habits: A vision board is not only used for goals and desires, it can also be used when building or dropping habits. Since habits are a product of your identity, building a good habit or dropping a bad one requires understanding and affirming your identity. Features of this new identity can be expressed with a vision board in words and pictures. Seeing the picture of who you would like to be and affirming words in accordance with this picture reinforces your identity, and helps you take actions toward reflecting this identity.

  • Maintain focus: Your vision board is a mindfulness tool. You are bound to be distracted by many things — the little voices in your head whispering your inabilities, demands from family, tasks from the office, life challenges, and so on. However, a vision board helps you dampen these internal and external noises, and steers you back to focus.

What are the types of vision board you can have?

You can have vision boards for:

  1. Travel: Reminds you of dream destinations.

  2. Financial goals: Motivates you to save consistently and invest wisely.

  3. Family: Reminds you of the kind of family you have or dream to have.

  4. Happiness: Helps uplift your spirit in moments of sadness as you affirm words of encouragement to yourself.

  5. Bucket lists: Reminds you of everything you wish to accomplish before you die.

  6. Habits: Helps you reaffirm your identity to form or break a habit.

  7. Jobs: Inspires you to get your dream job.

  8. Position: Motivates you to work for your dream position whether in the corporate, sports or political world.

Create Your Virtual Vision Board!!! 

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