Vision Board Will Empower You

How Creating A Vision Board Will Empower You

Close your eyes and think about your dreams, what you want in life?

What would you like to achieve? Where you want to go?

Anything that defines your goal and you’re determined to convert it into reality. You’ll most probably think of images, places, feelings and achievements, things that really matter to you.

What your mind is doing is that it is creating a vision board that combines all the ideas, images of what you want to achieve in your life. All of these feelings and visual representation are empowering for us and really uplift our minds to set on new objectives.

But we all know that our mind is like an empty box. If we’re day-dreaming in one box, next thing we’re on another box thinking about something else.

So is there any way to store our dream in the nicest way possible? Is there any way to create a vision board, just like we did in our minds to help empower ourselves? Here’s how you can do this.

What is a Vision Board?

The idea of a vision board is simple; it is something that represents your dreams and goals in life. It is a powerful tool to help you get on with life by constantly reminding you of what you want to achieve.

It is a collection of images and ideas that represents the things you want. By creating a vision board you organize and visualize your dreams and by using it, you’ll get your goals inline all the time.

The goals of a vision board can relate to any area of your life. It can be something that you want to buy, it can be your business requirement or perhaps your dream job. The point of this is to just have something in front of you that motivates you and provides a sense of inspiration in your life.

Benefits of using a Vision Board

A vision board helps us clarify 3 core purposes:

  • It helps us identify and clarify our goals

  • It reinforces our daily affirmations

  • It helps us to maintain a focus on our goals

Creating an inspiring Vision Board

Now that we know the basic definition and some of the benefits, how can we create one that empowers us? The great way to create a vision board is virtually.

When you build a vision board, you get much better visual of what you really want. Here are some simple steps that can help you create one.

Clear your biggest goals first

There are numerous studies that show that setting goals in your life increase your achievement level. Take a few minutes to think about your biggest goal in life. It can be the ultimate thing that you want ahead of anything else.

Once you achieve this specific goal, you’ll most probably create a new vision board for your next goal. And the list goes on and on. The best way to represent this is to include it at the top or at the center where it’s more prominent.

Gather Inspiration

In the 21st century, gathering inspiration is like a piece of cake. There are so many successful people in life that you can take here as an example.

Now comes the fun part. There’s no definition as to where you can put your most important goals in life. However, we do recommend you to put your main goal in the center or at the top because this is where they are most prominent.

Using a Vision Board to Manifest your Goals

A vision board isn’t about your creation. It is something that motivates you every single day. With your vision board created,  you can take inspiration from your vision board.

  1. Placement is the key

With you can download your vision board to your phone or desktop. This allows you to have access to your vision board whenever you like.

  1. Notice that you make progress

The sole purpose of creating a vision board is to make sure that you make success in your life, right! Then what’s the point of having this if you only use it as a piece of start. Immediately start work on your goals as soon as you create your first vision board.

A powerful technique is to create a vision journal alongside your board. Here, divide all your goals into different pieces. Start from each piece, all the way to the top.

  1. Make sure you celebrate

When you notice that you have accomplished something from your vision board, even if it’s a small one, make sure to celebrate it. It will give you a sense of inspiration and motivate you to a newer goal.

The Takeaway

When creating a vision board, remember to be as much detailed as possible. You don’t want to write a full paragraph on your board, try to summarize things in a well-reputed way.

For example, if you want a motorbike, don’t just write you need a motorbike. Instead, write what color, what model, and how soon you want this motorbike.

A vision board can help a lot but it’s useless if you don’t work on your actions. Creating a reality in which you want to live can be challenging, but sooner or later, you will get this.

Create Your Virtual Vision Board!!! 

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