Okay so. No one knows this except for my best friend Megan and I but when we were younger, maybe middle school age, we would write stories. Given, I created the story line, however, we turned a thought into actual stories.
I was sort of a fan of my teachers and I think I became this way during Middle School. I attended Courtenay Middle School and absolutely loved my teachers. Yeah, I think I like the majority of them. I cant remember them all but I know there were more than a half of favorites. I didn’t like some of the students though. I was teases a lot but it was okay. I had some really good friends by my side. So anyways, I’m not making this is a melancholy story. I’m just setting up the story. Okay, so I suddenly came up with a story about as guy name Jon Gordon. Im still not sure how old Jon is but he is a music producer, one of the country biggest and finest with three kids; two boys and a girl. Now Jon was born to Kenneth and Mary Gordon both retirees but active. Kenneth and Mary Gordon has 4 kids including Jon. PLEASE NOTE: I haven’t out this much thought into the names and ages of all characters but you will hear the names of the main characters alot. Main characters are Jon, Varjae(Jon’s oldest brother) , Gem(Jon’s childhood friend) , Lisa (Varjae’s wife), Sheryl ( mother of Jon’s two sons) , Isabel(mother of Jon’s daughter). Other characters will be mentioned throughout the story. So here’s how it all went down. I took my favorite teacher from the school and created another life for her. She became a female that Jon met, started saying it which eventually led her to being the mother to Jons daughter.
Jon was dating a female named Sheryl. Jon and Sheryl went out one night and got into a public argument. Apparently Sheryl thought Jon was doing way too much flirting with the ladies at the event He was hosting. The arguments grew and grew to the point Sheryl walked out on Jon. Jon of course was upset because that was embarrassing to him. He sat in silence for a while head in the clouds until Isabel approached him interrupting his thoughts. After getting Jon to talk Isabel learned Jon was the host of the event. He was upset because of the fiascal but pointed out that Sheryls measurements was what he needed in his life. Of course he was kidding around. Well anyways, the two talked for the majority of the night and Jon have Isabel and her friends VIP status for the night. The night turned into wee hours of the morning. Jon and Isabel continued their night at Jon’s house in bed together. After waking up Jon and Isabel agreed to see each other again. Jon took Isabel home and while returning back home saw Sheryls car in his driveway. He goes inside Sheryl apologizes repeatedly and the conversation turned into being in bed together. Now after waking up Sheryl has breakfast prepared for Jon. Eating and then hanging out for a little while it seemed like their relationship was now back to normal. Jon still had Isabel in the back of his mind and decided to pursue both relationships keeping each female a secret from the other. Sheryl and Jon continued to sleep together and one day Jon gets a call from Sheryl about her being pregnant. Jon is floored. He’s happy to be a father but what would that mean for him and Isabel. Would be finally need to reveal his secrets to her or let them play out and see where it all goes. What about Sheryl? Was he willing to end his playa ways and settle down with the lady that was giving him his first child? Did he really love or only loved what she would do in bed to him?