law of attraction and vision boards

Law of Attraction Using Vision Boards

Pretty sure you heard about vision boards. A key strategy studied by the Law of Attraction practitioners, designing a vision board is all about creating a rich visual image of what you wish to manifest. It encourages you to articulate your objectives, keeps you focused on what you need to do to facilitate success, and supports a good mindset.

What is Vision Board?

A vision board is essentially an inspirational collage mostly made from images. Supporters say that a vision board is an effective way to engage the subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction to make your aspirations and expectations achievable. They say that by making a vision board, you inform your subconscious mind what you want to work on. 

Manifesting with Vision Boards:

When you’ve a clearer understanding of what a vision board looks like, how you build a vision board, and how it is used to facilitate specific life goals, let’s take a closer look at how and why this approach is so effective. First, note that the Law of Attraction teaches one to rely on excess rather than scarcity.

In other words, it is only as we concentrate on positivity, happiness and what we do have that we can get more happiness into our lives. Vision boarding will do a lot to cope with this. Instead of being wrapped up in worrying about how much you wish your life was better, you waste time and energy immersing yourself in your imagination of what your life would be like. This enables you vibrate at a higher level and leaves you better about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Second, vision boards will help you transcend your limited assumptions in yourself. Whenever you pick a photo that shows what you want to attract, you critique that vital inner voice that says, “I don’t really need that!” or, “I can’t have that.” When you create a vision board, you devote yourself to your limitless potential and cultivate your sense of self-esteem.

In addition, remember that having a vision board helps keep your mind continually mindful of the achievement of your life goals. Even if you don’t look specifically at the board, your subconscious mind will be tuned to its appearance. Then the more we focus on the objects that we want to attract, the more likely we are to manifest them at a quicker pace. Plus, your vision board will easily change your attitude or mindset if you start to feel low, showing you a clear image of the person you will become.

Digitally Modernizing Vision Boards:

Now that you grasp a vision board, let’s look at how to move from an old-fashioned material board to a virtual vision boards. The Law of Attraction is centered on traditional teachings that have often developed over time. It’s 2021, because changing times means doing stuff on mobile screens rather than using actual space and paper. One way to make virtual vision boards is to do as you would do on a content board – in other words, to make a document or an image and put a collage together.

However, this is only one way to get to grips with the task, and there are solutions that are much simpler and probably more successful. With this in mind, there are three other ways you can make and use a digital vision board online. Each purpose is to help you tap into your imagination and increase your exposure to photos that reflect your goals.

  • Use a Mobile Vision Board App 

  • Use the Smartphone Lock Screen And Context As a Vision Board

  • Use the computer desktop as a vision board

How to create vision boards online:

It’s not like you can take stuff out of a magazine and add them to the frame. So for your online vision board, we’re making it for free.

Vision 2 Board is a free vision board app and website with amazing tools to make you stay positive and focus on your goals! 

Final Thoughts:

In short, making a vision board is an easy way to engage the Law of Attraction and it gives the subconscious mind guidance on what to concentrate on. Thinking alone is not going to produce results, but a vision board serves as a guide, giving us guidance and encouraging us to take purposeful action that leads us in the direction of our aspirations and desires. It also acts as an inspiration to endure when times are hard. It doesn’t matter if you make the vision board or what it feels like at the end of the day. All that counts is that it connects you with love, positivity and a perfect picture of your ideal future.

Create Your Virtual Vision Board!!! 

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