GIF Vision Board

What is a GIF vision board?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIF’s are short repeating animated image. Adding GIF’s to your vision board not only makes it look more visually appealing but also make it more interesting to anyone viewing it.  Using a GIF shows a more modern vision board.

How to create a vision board?

If you want to create your own vision board you can create an account at Visions 2 board. This website allows you to create your very own vision boards virtually for free, meaning there is no risk of your hard work being lost. Visions 2 Board also has an app that you can download. If you want to try out Visions 2 board before joining you can still access features online via their website. Vision 2 board offers lots of different tools to create your mood board. You can choose from things such as photos, texts, shapes and clipart. The best thing about this platform is that it even lets you add a GIF to your vision board. This keeps your boards looking modern and exciting. If you want to up your game and have the best mood boards around then Visions 2 board is definitely for you!

How to add a GIF?

To add a GIF, log onto Visions 2 board and create your account. Once you have opened up the template and are ready to start, Add any text to your board. Then select images on the left-hand side tab. Once you have selected this, you will see another three tabs. Upload, pixabay and GIF. Select the GIF tab and then you will see a search bar. You can now click into the search bar and scroll through the long list of different GIF’s. When you find the GIF you want to pick, you can simply select it and it will appear on your vision board. Once on your vision board, you are then free to resize and drag the image to where you would like it to appear. Remember, vision boards are all about ideas and you want to layer up on the photos, shapes and GIF’s. Add more than one to your board if you wish. The more ideas the better. When you are happy with your vision board and it is complete, you can click save.

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