Types of Vision Boards

Different Types of Vision Boards:

Vision Board is some kind of board or electronic document on which you display pictures, messages, etc. that reflects everything you want to be, achieve, do or have in your life. There are many objectives and ambitions of life that we want to fulfill in our lives. Therefore, having vision board types that can help us remain focused on the targets we want to accomplish is always beneficial. Let’s explain in depth what different types of vision boards we can make to fulfill our short-and long-term goals in life.

Travel vision board:

A travel vision board is a collage of all the places you’d want to travel to. Pictures, paper clippings, quotations, city names-anything that inspires the travel bucket list. It sounds easy, but there’s a POWER to imagine the goals. It basically reminds you of dream destinations.


Financial goals vision board:

The Financial Vision Board is a series of images each connected to a personal life target organized according to the amount of money and time it takes to accomplish each goal. It motivates you to save consistently and invest wisely. Finance and money in general could be about your dream money, but not just the number. You may also put images that signify what you’re going to do for the money or stuff you’re going to have, such as material belongings, dream house, dream car, and designer products.

Family vision board:

A family vision board is a perfect way to come together as a family and work together on a common vision for a new year. It also teaches children about visualization, target achieving and the value of making their own happy life. It reminds you of the kind of family you have or dream to have.

Happiness vision board:

It’s a wonderful vision of happiness to have. With such a vision in mind, we are reminded of being joyful of the current moment. Having made the decision, we refuse to let our egos get in the way of our happiness. We are less likely to have bitter grievances, worry, and tension. It helps uplift your spirit in moments of sadness as you affirm words of encouragement to yourself.

Bucket lists vision board:

The bucket list is defined as “a set of experiences or achievements that a person wants to have or achieve during his or her lifetime.” The term “bucket list” is actually synonymous with completing something before we “drop the bucket” or die, and wishes are still things I want to do before I die so what do I use creating a vision board or just writing a bucket list to see each day to keep track and focus?

Habits vision board:

Habit vision board helps you reaffirm your identity to form or break a habit. If you’ve managed to create a new habit by the brute force of repetition, you’ve probably learned how exhausting it can be. Instead of only trying to trick yourself into a different action, you need to tackle the source of the problem and alter the way your mind handles the knowledge. Rather just changing your behavior, you need to reassure yourself that it’s a natural part of your routine. Dream boards, also known as Vision Boards, are one way to start identifying yourself with a new habit, using imagination to visualize yourself doing the work.

Job vision board:

Creating a job vision board would help you to reach into your subconscious. It would also allow you to consider what you want to work on, improve or reach for. This will encourage you to think creatively about what you want in a less regimented way. If you are an entrepreneur or are looking to be one, this could have our job objectives, goods you want to build or services to sell, how do you deliver value? It may also have icons for a sense of satisfaction, learning, job promotion, location freedom, etc.

Position vision board:

When it comes to dream position, many don’t know what they want to do in their lives, and therefore end up doing things that don’t give them results. To be centered, one has to sit down and consider their passion and how they can make it a dream position choice. List the agenda or targets on the board to keep oneself motivated on the path. A vision board is a fantastic way to help you get insight on your goals, a roadmap to help you make choices that would benefit your dream position whether in the corporate, sports or political world.

Final Thoughts:

Vision boards can be crucial tools to manifest your life of dreams. They magnify your desires and inspire you by reminding you of your aims. It’s up to you, though, to focus on these ambitions and to attract opportunities. Do so by meditating on your dreams as much as you need, and by concentrating your attention on tasks that can be achieved and contributing to your greater sense of accomplishment. Positivity gives way to positivity.

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