Creative Affirmations Board

Creative Affirmations:

Have you ever felt dumb and uncreative? Do you feel you are bad enough that you can’t add value to anything? Do you feel that you have to put a lot of struggle to make something creational? And you end up blaming yourself that you are not good enough for anything? OH! This happens to everyone. The difference is some people accept it and others keep trying.  you need to understand what creativity actually is? So that you can be clear in your mind how to be asserted for it. The only person who can believe in the unreal is a creative one. Creativity is connecting the unrealistic world to the real one, perceiving new ways, finding the hidden patterns, and turning unrelated phenomena into reality. Basically, there are two steps of being creative:

  1. Thinking

  2. Implementing

Now the questions arise why do you need to be affirmed for creativity? Well, generally affirmation is used for activating your subconscious mind. For manifesting our desires and actualizing our lives, we need to be affirmed so that we can get benefit from our subconscious mind. There is an important role of imagination in the real world. This is certain that what you feel about yourself will impact your daily life. If you are feeling like you are useless, the universe will tend to show you your failures. And same is the case with creativity. If you feel you are creative and you possess positive vibes, the whole universe will tend to show you positivity and your value in the world.  

Now you can understand the value of creativity and affirmation in your life. So you need to be affirmed creatively and get indulge in activities that will boost your creativity level. Now prepare identity statements and make vision boards. Vision board is a simple way to deal with the mind because our mind process images rather than words. Identity statements can serve you as an inspiration. These statements begin with I or I am so it is basically a kind of self-talk or self reminders. For example, tell yourself that:

  • I can get through this situation.

  • I can handle it.

  • This too shall pass.

Or when you are pushing yourself towards something then prepare a questionnaire like:

  • I love to do this.

  • I enjoy every facet of it.

  • I can keep myself doing this again and again.

  • This is compulsory for me and I love myself.

Secondly, make a vision board. This is a playful technique to gather your creative thoughts.

Visions 2 board allows you to create your own virtual vision boards. Visions 2 board has a handy app you can download so that you can add to your vision boards on the go, even if you are not at your computer. If you don’t want to download the app, that is fine as you can access the Vision 2 board online via their website.

It is like challenging your own stamina. You meet yourself in the journey of self-development. Creating new thoughts and then converting them to reality is a balm to your soul. The only thing that is seemingly difficult is your first step. Once you take it, things will be in flow as long as you are trying.

Create Your Virtual Vision Board!!! 

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